Legal Concierge for Executives

Business owners and corporate executives can face a variety of business and personal legal issues. While you may rely on general counsel to guide your legal decisions at work, other matters may arise that require the help of an independent attorney dedicated to putting your needs first. Attorney Richard Lionberger can provide you with reliable advice in a variety of legal matters, and specialized referrals to professionals you can trust.

Trustworthy Counsel for Your Legal Needs

As a business executive, you likely rely on the general counsel in your company to resolve any legal matters that come your way at work and coordinate with professionals with specialized skills when issues arise. When those legal issues follow you home, you need a personal attorney who can act as the general counsel for your household. With over 35 years of legal experience, Richard Lionberger can provide you with trustworthy advice on a variety of legal matters, helping you to negotiate real estate transactions and plan for your family’s future.

Thoughtful Estate Planning and Trust Administration for Business Owners

Estate planning and asset management take on particular importance for executives and business owners. You have spent years building a personal legacy. Now Richard can help you ensure that it is passed to the next generation by drafting wills and trusts that keep your business and personal assets protected. If you own a small business or family business, he can help you build a succession plan and draft the documents needed to execute it smoothly. Through thoughtful estate planning and honest trust administration, Richard can help you safeguard your assets so your loved ones reap the benefit after you are gone.

Independent Advice When Negotiating with Your Employer

No matter how influential you are in your company, there may come a time when you need help negotiating business transactions with in-house counsel for your own personal interests. Your general counsel can’t help you when your interests and the business’s interests conflict. You need an experienced attorney who can give you independent advice and represent you in:

  • Buy-in agreements and equity acquisitions or disposals
  • Stock offers
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Non-compete contracts
  • Severance agreements

These contracts can sometimes feel like they are all-or-nothing. However, with decades of experience as in-house counsel at publicly traded multinational companies, Richard has insight into how such agreements can be modified to protect everyone involved and put your needs first.

One-Stop Source for High-Quality Referrals

The practice of law is like the practice of medicine. You may be able to rely on your primary care physician for many things, but sometimes you need a referral to a specialist. Richard is happy to be your legal PCP, assisting with all your transactional needs. Then, when your personal circumstances require a different sort of expertise, he can tap into his vast network of skilled professionals to find the specialist you need. Depending on your situation, Richard can provide trustworthy referrals to:

  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants
  • CPAs
  • Litigation law firms
  • Specialist attorneys, such as tax, securities, employment, and intellectual property attorneys
  • Realtors
  • Appraisers
  • Other professionals

No matter what your needs, Richard will act as your legal concierge, vetting service providers to ensure you will be treated well and your needs will be met.

Connect with Denver, Colorado’s Legal Concierge Richard Lionberger

Your personal legal issues don’t have to distract you from your work. Richard Lionberger will act as your legal concierge, handling your personal transactions, estate planning, and trust administration. When problems arise he can coordinate a team of professionals to help you manage your affairs so you can focus on your business. Contact Richard to schedule an introductory call, and see how he can act as your legal concierge so you can rest easy.