Corporate General Counsel

Some businesses lack the budget or the scope of work to justify keeping a full-time in-house attorney on staff. Even those that do sometimes find their staff attorneys overworked or with insufficient available capacity. Those businesses may benefit from a flexible arrangement with an independent corporate lawyer such as Richard, who can step in on a per-project basis to fill those needs.

A General Counsel’s Perspective on Business Challenges

In-house lawyers provide legal advice and services to their company that are often difficult for outside counsel to provide as efficiently and effectively. However, the ebb and flow of legal work can sometimes leave in-house counsel overtaxed, or facing complex issues beyond their comfort level. As an independent corporate lawyer with decades of experience as in-house general counsel, Richard Lionberger can step in and support your in-house team, providing that same attention to a company's legal needs. He's able to do that by spending the time and resources to become as familiar with the company's business and culture and working closely with the company’s executives or in-house counsel. Richard provides a general counsel’s perspective to address business challenges including:

  • Financial transactions
  • Acquisition and divestiture of assets
  • Mergers and business combinations
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Contract negotiation
  • Corporate records maintenance
  • Internal investigations and conflict management
  • Liaison with outside litigators, insurers and brokers
  • Regulatory compliance, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations, diligence and compliance

Richard provides project-based general counsel services to companies based in the U.S. and abroad. Using up-to-date technology and applying his decades of experience as in-house counsel, Richard can help your company prioritize legal issues, facilitate business transactions, and resolve your biggest business challenges. By offering custom, per-project legal services, he can help you tailor your legal services to fit your budget, whether or not your company employs full-time in-house counsel.

Small Business Owners: Learn more about Richard’s outsourced general counsel services here.

A Single Point of Contact for a Variety of Legal Matters

Richard can step in to supplement your team by providing in-house counsel services, and serve as a single point of contact, connecting, supervising, and managing contact between the company and:

  • Other lawyers representing the company
  • Insurers and insurance brokers
  • Accountants
  • Other professionals

He routinely associates other professionals, such as tax, employment, intellectual property, and litigation lawyers and accountants, to meet the needs of a client. By serving as a liaison between the company and outside teams, Richard can facilitate the company achieving its desired result.

An Experienced U.S. Counsel for International Companies

Richard’s independent practice and international experience makes him an ideal candidate for international companies seeking to enter or expand within the U.S. market. Richard understands the interplay between U.S. domestic and international law, and can help your company smooth the way to doing business in the United States. From his office in Denver, Colorado, he can serve as local U.S. counsel for companies worldwide, giving them knowledgeable and experienced advice about how American law will apply to their products and services.

A Knowledgeable Problem-Solver for Maritime and Regulatory Matters

Companies with offshore drilling or shipping operations often face particular challenges in the area of maritime law. Richard’s experience with maritime issues dates back to before he went to law school, when he was an engineer supervising offshore drilling and production operations. Now he provides international and domestic companies with a variety of maritime services:

  • Vessel purchases and charters
  • Registration and flagging of vessels in the U.S. and international jurisdictions
  • Vessel Construction
  • Vessel Financing
  • Maritime service contracts

With knowledge of U.S. and international maritime law, Richard can help you navigate this complicated business and regulatory environment.

Executive Concierge Services

There may also be situations that a company's in-house counsel cannot handle due to conflicts of interest. For instance, when an executive or key employee is leaving the company or buying an ownership interest, independent counsel may be needed to represent the individual. Also, an executive or key employee may have personal transactions, requiring individual representation that the company's in-house lawyers cannot provide. Richard can provide individualized legal advice to those executives and key personnel.

Connect with Denver, Colorado Corporate Attorney Richard Lionberger

The best legal services are naturally tailored to your company’s needs. When in-house counsel is not available or overtaxed, Richard can step in to fill the gaps and help businesses fulfill their strategic plan. Whether your company needs a long-term relationship with an outsourced general counsel, or a problem-solver to navigate a particular legal issue, Richard can help. Contact Richard to schedule an introductory call, and see how he can help you meet your business goals.