Why Choose Richard

When you need legal help, you hire the lawyer, not the law firm. You don’t need a firm that handles every area of the law. You need an attorney who understands the issues facing your business and has the experience to navigate through difficult challenges. Rather than a sea of faces, you need a person you can trust to guide you to a successful resolution.

A General Counsel’s Perspective

Richard Lionberger has more than 35 years of legal experience, including over a decade serving as in-house general counsel for publicly traded, multinational companies. In that time, he has encountered just about everything a company can expect. He has helped individual entrepreneurs form companies and succeed in their business ventures; and helped both small businesses and large corporations overcome legal and regulatory obstacles to meet their plans and goals. He has served both in the capacity of the company's corporate general counsel and on a per-project basis giving assistance to in-house staff. Richard takes a long-term perspective, taking the time to understand his clients’ business, culture, and plans. He stands by his clients for years, and sometimes even decades, helping them resolve the legal problems that come up as their companies grow and change.

An Engineering Background

Some issues facing companies in the oil and gas sector may benefit from the point of view of a lawyer who is also a petroleum engineer. Richard has a background as a petroleum engineer supervising drilling operations all over the world, and consequently he looks at the legal issues that arise in business transactions with a unique combination of an engineer’s attention to detail, the experience gained from operations, and a lawyer’s knowledge of potential contractual and statutory pitfalls and regulatory restrictions. He understands and utilizes up-to-date tools and technology to represent his clients, wherever they may be located, helping them to untangle the legal and logistical knots holding them back from lucrative business transactions.

Business Experience

Richard's experience as a small business owner himself gives him insight into the particular challenges facing small business. Also, his experience as a marketing executive gives him insight into the needs of management as a user of legal services. In addition, as general counsel of large, multinational companies with responsibility for engaging and managing outside counsel he is aware of what makes a mutually beneficial relationship between a company and its outside counsel. His business experience can also be a benefit to the client when providing individualized concierge services to executives, helping them to negotiate with the company, and allowing staff attorneys to avoid conflicts of interest.

Connect with Richard L. Lionberger, Attorney

The best legal representation is a relationship that adjusts to adapt to your company’s needs. Richard gets to know his clients and their businesses fully, so he can put their priorities first. Contact Richard Lionberger, in Denver, Colorado, to schedule an introductory call, and see how he can help you meet your business goals.