Business Transactions & Maritime Contracts

Making sure the paperwork is in order for your next business transaction can be both time consuming and anxiety-inducing. By hiring an experienced business transactions attorney, like Richard Lionberger, to negotiate agreements on your behalf and prepare the necessary documentation, you can be certain that you have the right contracts, agreements, and documents for the job.

A Transactional Attorney with In-House Experience

When you are starting or expanding a business, every legal hurdle can feel like a new challenge. Richard has more than 35 years of experience in business and corporate law, including more than a decade working as in-house general counsel for publicly traded multinational corporations. He understands the way business works and can help you meet the expectations of clients, partners, stakeholders, and any government overseers. He has helped companies across the country to prepare:

  • Partnership Agreements
  • Corporate and other entity formation documents
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Corporate contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Bid and proposal templates

He understands the processes involved in doing business and can help ensure your company, big or small, has the documentation in place to achieve your goals and shield you from unnecessary exposure or liability.

Small Business Owners: Learn more about how Richard can help your startup succeed here.

An Objective Eye Toward Your Corporate Structuring Matters

Some of the most complex business transactions involve mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures between corporate entities. When these high-level structuring deals come to a head, you need a business transaction attorney you can trust to keep your business’s priorities in mind and negotiate terms to your benefit. Richard can help you prepare anything your company requires to bring your vision into effect, including:

  • Memoranda of Understanding for Joint Ventures
  • Merger and Acquisition agreements

In house counsel in merger and acquisition transactions can sometimes be too close to the transaction to see risks that may be more apparent to another set of eyes. Other times, the day-to-day work of maintaining the company’s business operations leaves no time to craft such complicated transactional agreements. By working with your legal staff, executives, and directors throughout the corporate structuring process, Richard can provide an objective view of the proposed arrangements, identifying opportunities and avoiding weaknesses before they become costly mistakes.

An Insider’s Perspective on Maritime Service Contracts

As your business grows, you may find yourself facing international challenges you and your in-house counsel are not prepared to handle. Richard’s decades of experience working with oil and gas companies -- both as an engineer and a lawyer -- give him an insider’s perspective in negotiating and preparing maritime service contracts for international and domestic businesses. His experience navigating the complexities of constructing, purchasing, financing, registering and flagging vessels will help you feel confident your product or materials will get where they need to be.

An Independent Source for Employee Handbooks and Workplace Policy Manuals

If your company doesn’t have the means or the need to keep a full-time attorney on staff, it can be easy to fall behind on industry best practices when it comes to employee handbooks and workplace policies. Even if your in-house counsel is able to handle the routine legal matters that arise in the course of hiring and firing, your company may benefit from an independent source for thorough human resource materials. Richard can provide your company with templates and fully-drafted employment agreements in an effort to shield you from expensive employment litigation.

When shifts in your corporate leadership lead to ownership adjustments, Richard can also provide independent counsel to your executives looking to buy in or get out of an equitable interest in the company. Because Richard is independent, his legal advice can help your in-house team avoid conflicts of interest, and assure that everyone at the table has their interests represented.

Connect with Denver, Colorado Business Transaction Attorney Richard Lionberger

Working with a business lawyer to prepare the documents you need doesn’t have to feel like a cold transaction. Richard will take the time to meet with all the appropriate stakeholders to understand your business, staff, and strategic plan, providing personalized attention and customized services to suit your company’s needs. Contact Richard to schedule an introductory call, and see how he can help you meet your business goals.